Word and Community

We experience Ordinary time in the Church liturgy, that’s why the Liturgy of Word speaks about ordinary, but also basic reality of Christian life. In the first reading our attention is focused on the prophet Amos. It’s true that Amos was a simple shepherd. He didn’t feel like a special person making a special mission. But God changed his life. We are the same as Amos, aren’t we? Generally, we aren’t from noble families. We aren’t the people who feel like a superhero. We are immersed in our daily problems and just there Our Lord sends his word, His word which changes life, gives another perspective. But on the other hand these words are not referring only to us but also they show the truth about the power of God’s Will. The Word of God has its own power independently from our abilities, our forces but also our iniquity.

In the Gospel we have heard that “Jesus called to him the twelve and began to send them out two by two and gave them authority over the unclean spirits”. I like this image. Jesus sent out the disciples two by two. It’s really important. It means that the mission of proclaiming the Gospel, the deep sense of Christian life, doesn’t mean individualism because Jesus wanted the disciples to go out together. We do not believe in an egoistic way, we do not live in isolation from others. We believe in the community – in the Church.

All that means that the Word of God comes to us and wants to change our daily, simple life as in the example of Amos’s life. But my response to God’s word is always in the community (Gospel). We can ask ourselves: how do I hear the word of God and how do I live together with my brothers and sisters in the community?


Fr Michael


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