Our Future Together

Through prayer we can do everything

Our Vision

To transform ordinary and traditional religious activities into prayers of the heart, to allow Christ to permeate our lives, referring everything to God – trusting in His providence. In this way our parish will come together as a prayerful community under the leadership of the Parish Priest.


Our Mission

  • By our prayerful behaviour and solemn reverence we develop the Parish into a place of communion with God.
  • By our open hearts we allow the Lord to manifest His Healing Power.
  • By our love for Christ we bring everyone in our community closer to God, to know him better, to love Him more deeply and to serve Him fully.
  • By our love for Christ we are empowered to reach out to others.


Our Christian Values

  • Faithfulness
  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion
  • Openness
  • Humility


Our Framework

  • Prayer (liturgy, sacraments, devotions),
  • Communication (between parishioners, to parishioners, outside the parish),
  • Formation (adult, youth, children),
  • Outreach (missionary, charity, vulnerable, ecumenical),
  • Governance (safeguarding, health and safety, finance & bookkeeping, property, etc.)
  • Social events are integral part of our Christian life