Outreach of Vulnerable

Pro-life initiative

There is a prayer recommended by Archbishop Fulton J Sheen to be said every day for a period of one year to spare the life of a baby in danger of abortion:

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of [baby’s name] the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.” Please embrace this prayer for 9 months to adopt an unborn child,you can even name the child and sign up to spiritually adopt a baby today! Finally, please let the office know to about your dedication with the aim to gather people who join the faith in action. You will be registered in our pro-life book and you will be given precious life feet.


Visiting the sick group

Bereavement group

There is a group of four active and passionate parishioners which takes care of those who have lost close people. Apart from human support, the group helps to organise annual event of the Mass for deceased and bereaved on the first Saturday of November at 10.00 am.