We are people of Easter

Christ is Risen. In Him we find new way of being and acting. Our hope is in the name of the Lord! We are the Easter people and we do not abandon ourselves, and others to despair. We do not give up believing in people’s availability to live according to the Gospel as we see everybody in Christ , with Christ and through Christ. Everyone is called to sainthood so everyone is brought to the same Easter encouragement : “Let us not forget that Jesus not only suffered, but also rose in glory”. These words of St Maximilian stress “so, too, we go to the glory of the Resurrection by way of suffering and the Cross.”

Indeed, as people of Easter we proclaim life from natural birth till natural death. We are against culture of death with abortion as the badge of humanism. The Risen Christ has entered the battle against minimalism of love. Minimalism does not exist in Christian dictionary. We are fighter for the Kingdom of God, and against spiritual forces and sins, which cultivate the culture of death. We are called to hate sins and love God and neighbour.

“Alleluia” and maximum of love is our answer in Christ. To the world immersed in minimalism. As St John Paul II said” “It is up to you to put up a firm barrier against immorality, a barrier – I say – to those social vices which I will not here call by name but which you yourselves are perfectly aware of. You must demand this of yourselves, even if others do not demand it of you. Historical experiences tell us how much the immorality of certain periods cost the whole nation.”

Fr Stan

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