The Wedding of the Lamb

We are invited by God Himself.

Here there is no time for entertainments. 
We are not the centre of attention.
We are neither invited to feel satisfied, 
nor to take part in a social gathering at which folk dances take place. 
We are not asked to change the meaning of events.

It is not our wedding.
This is the Eucharistic Feast of Jesus. 
Holy Altars are set around the Earth
ready for His Passion, out of love,
and the sacrificial banquet of the Beloved.
The everlasting covenant takes place.
We are invited to the Wedding of the Lamb
Where His Holy Body is offered to the Father.
Where He is exalted above the Earth. 
Where the unity of God and man is pronounced:
Into Thy hands I commit my spirit.

This is the action of God.
We are invited to prepare our souls and bodies
to approach the Saviour with dignity and awe.
We are invited to witness and enjoy 
the beauty of life revealed in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
It is God’s desire.
Let us open our hearts, confess and reject our sins. 
Let us clothe ourselves with the grace of God. And approach the Body of Christ 
who is in the hands of the Father;
This is the real feast of the Host.

Everything is prepared.

Fr. Stan

Categories: Reflections