The valley of Humbleness.

The meekness and silence of Christ for 30 years is captivating. He never exposed His divinity before it was needed and He enjoyed life in the humble silence of His being. Christ invites us to imitate Him. For that reason He says that it is good not to take the first places and yet to take our yokes and burdens to Him. Offering the higher place for another person is then a great motto for us. Doing that we are being disconnected to unhealthy inner expectations which occupy our hearts and minds, and yet we are connected to Love of God. Accepting His direction we will always find that there is peace in Christ; there is tranquility in Him which we need; there is the peace of the valley of joy and humbleness in Christ which permeates our wounded nature. 

Of course, it takes time to enter the valley of humbleness, and it might be even a rough journey, especially when we are asked to give up our place to someone else, but it is worth it to follow THE Way. 

He is our PEACE. He is our inner stability. He is the brightness of our daily life emerging out of our soul. His beauty and His patience indeed  permeate all our being of we follow Him. 
Fr Stan 

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