The Solemnity of the Precious Body and Blood of Christ 

Holy Mass invites us to have an authentic, internal experience of the reality of God, who is really and fully present in His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. Its during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that Christ Himself creates our parish community. This can be a challenge for us, but let us embrace it with awe and gratitude.
 The Holy Mass, in its nature, invites us to be in the Loving Presence of the Lord. It is here that we are in deepest union with Him; it is here that He allows us to be united with Him in His Crucifixion. The Flesh of Christ is our food for eternal life and the expression of all that we receive by Divine Revelation, as we become the dwelling place of the Most Holy Trinity, as Divine Life takes over within us. We cannot imagine how it pleases the Holy Trinity to dwell in us, and to welcome the humanity of Christ in us.
But let us remember, too that even in Heaven with His glorified Body, He is the Slain Lamb and we share in His Passion and Death, to share, also in His Divine Life, to be transformed by the Spirit within us into Christ Himself, to become one with God. 
 Let us approach this majesty, and intimacy, with the greatest reverence! Let us clean our souls from every stain of sin, and let us adore Him with all our being! With our whole heart, our whole mind, but also with our body: let us bow down, let us kneel, let us gaze lovingly with our eyes! We must let this Presence penetrate and transform our whole being into Love, by Divine Touch! 
Fr Stan

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