The image of our King

Jesus Christ is the centre of the history of mankind and the centre of each of us as individuals. He is the Sovereign, even when it looks like that everything is lost. He reigns always, even during the period of great distress and confusion when we have already entered the valley of darkness, when the sun has lost it brightness. Jesus Christ is the Lord also during the historical moment when Pontius Pilate’s made judgment over Him. He is the Lord at the time when He is put under our judgmental authority; when we are asked to join others in shouting ‘crucify him!’. At the end, there is a very subtle tension on my heart: “if my conscience is the ultimate authority (?)”


Whatever we say, Jesus crowned with thorns standing at the feet of Pilate’s seat, is a completely free person. He, who although being mocked and abused in public by authorities, is fully committed to the Father, full of tranquillity and serenity. In His face we see the Father, as if heaven became open to us in the middle of the world full of contradictions, tensions, hatred and violence.


Jesus Christ standing at the feet of the worldly authorities says ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and opens the narrow gate to the Father in the middle of various tensions found in us.  In the middle of confusion and hatred then our conscience can also submit itself to Him, whose Heart is undivided: Behold the Man-God, the King of the Universe.

Fr Stan


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