The Church – Our Mother.

Come together all you who love our Mother, the Church.

Come together all you who worry about Her.

Come through Christ, with Christ and in Christ.


Our Mother, the Church, has been left behind with furrows of sins from her children.

Our Mother, the Church, is full of sorrow because of the lost shepherds.

Our Mother, the Church is being hurt and humiliated

as few seek the Lord;

as many are blind and collaborate with the Evil one;

as the Divine Teaching entrusted to Her is being changed into human doctrines;

as many try to separate Her from the Beloved.


Come together all you who worry about the Church. Stay with Her and call:

Magnificat!  Let our Mother, the Church rejoice!

As the renewal is given in union with the rejected King of the Universe;

as the source of life is the exalted Body above the earth;

as the presence of the living God is guaranteed so long as the Holy Mass is celebrated validly;

so long as God Himself washes us in the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation;

as He transforms us in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.


Let us rejoice and gather those who are scattered!

Approach everyone and invite them back!


Let us rejoice, we who are worried and sad,

overtaken by the burden of our lives,

crushed by sins and rejections!


We shall go into the house of the Lord.

We shall rejoice in God’s House

where we find words of eternal life;

where the meaning of life is restored;

where forgiveness and consolation, encouragement and joy are found;

where there is the Host elevated – Christ Himself – the Lamb of God offered to the Father;

where we receive redemption and sanctification.

Gaudet Mater Ecclesia – Mother Church Rejoices


Fr Stan


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