The charity of Christ urges us on” (2 Cor 5:14)

We could have organised our Sunday differently, but we are together at the foot of the altar of Christ, where He really is Sacrificed. We could have organised our moral life in many different ways, but we embrace the Ten Commandments enlightened and elevated by the Eight Beatitudes. We could have focused only on gaining material possessions, by we discipline ourselves and we remain open to others. We could have set a pecking order amongst us, but we do not do it. We simply belong to Christ and His vision of life in all its aspects. We are called by the Lord to give witness of total love we have found in Him.


What sustains and guides us as a Catholic Parish community if not love of Christ?


For the love of Christ, we bear the burdens of our brothers and sisters;

For the love of Christ, we acknowledge, confess and renounce our sins.

For the love of Christ, we forgive from the bottom of our hearts, we do not look for a rematch and revenge, but we endure suffering and put aside ourselves and our ambitions.

For the love of Christ, we do not commit fornication; we do not take possession of someone else’s property.

For the love of Christ, we do not speak ill news about others, but we choose the least privileged place amongst others.

For the love of Christ we firmly desire to deny ourselves and fill our hearts with the love of Jesus.


We believe that his loving presence in us is the content and essence of our life. The charity of Christ urges us on to imitate Him and to imitate the life the Holy Family from Nazareth, in humility and simplicity, in spiritual poverty and gladness. The measure of our charity is Jesus Himself: “Love one another as I have loved you.” (J 13:34-5).


Fr Stan


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