Suggestions for Lent  

Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ and allow Him to make your heart and mind completely new. Get rid of your old self and distrust a charity that costs nothing and does not hurt. However, rend your heart and not your garment and always overcome evil with good. Forget you exist when you say you love and search for a humble place amongst others. Take up your cross and follow the Lord:

Give up sin … come back to virtue and God’s Law.

Give up wrong habits and bad attachments … follow the path of the Lord to Calvary

Give up some of your pleasures and  … exchange it for empathy and unity with the Lord at his Passion.

Give up time in front of the screens … fix your eyes on the Lord in the Bible and come for Adoration.


Give up your worries … trust in Providence

Give up discouragement … fix eyes on the Lord

Give up sadness … enjoy the beauty of the world around you

Give up pessimism … focus on seeing God’s care in your life

Give up self harm and obsessive thoughts … allow Jesus to love you

Give up grumbling … focus on gratitude

Give up being impetuous …  learn to be patient

Give up bitterness … come back to forgiveness


Give up judging people … focus on gentleness and find out God’s love in your neighbour

Give up envy … embrace God’s gifts planted in your heart

Give up gossips … control how and what you say.


Give up a little bit from your comfortable life … be open to those who need you.


Give up your fear and tendency to compromise with what is wrong … protect the vulnerable and those at the peripheries: the unborn, those in danger of euthanasia, in danger of losing faith and moral vigour, the rejected, different or uneducated.

Fr Stan


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