Reflection on lukewarm Christians

Christians rightly say and learn to treat others with humility and respect. They rightly reject all kinds of agenda of indoctrination. In doing so, they loose missionary zeal and they use methods that do not work with many challenges. It seems like alien ideas take over more and more space in the Christian sphere, whereas Christians act as if they had very little to offer. They hardly believe that God really established the Church to save the whole world; that they are commissioned to bring the fruit of conversion. It looks like Christians are lost in naive convictions – they act with dispense of prudence, which they are not supposed to use. If only they showed some charity towards their neighbours.


Many think that all those with whom they enter into dialogue have good motives, good will, good intentions, and wish well; Some think that others are perfect and have their sufficient stories bringing them salvation. Others embrace beliefs, convictions, values and virtues of their non-Christian friends. The have learnt from the world that chastity does not matter, but calling to conversion, indeed it does – it is a grave sin. They strangely believe that civilisation is eternal and will never fall apart.


It looks like lukewarm Christians discredit faith in Jesus Christ and betray the world.

How come others can call upon God in whom they have not believed?

How are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard?

And how are they to hear if nobody proclaims the Gospel? (Romans 10:14)

If only Christians knew what they have received.

If only they knew who they are.

If only they were united with Christ.

If only they embodied the full teaching – their treasure – in each one of them.


Then, they would have had something special to offer,

far more than salt, which lost its taste

the world would regain its soul

Fr Stan


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