Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

While contemplating the Passion, we become closer to our Lord. Let us be with the Lord in the moment of the rejection. God was rejected. He embraced and picked up all kinds rejections. Some of them have happened to us. Some of them we have shown to others.


There are some of us who are not happy when they hear about the Cross. However, this challenge is calculated in the process of growing to the maturity of Christian life. The same happened to St Peter, who enthusiastically professed Jesus Christ, then denied the Cross. St Peter saw a lot and yet escaped; was close in the Upper Room, was alongside when the Lord prayed in the Olive Garden. Indeed, he did not climb the Mount of Golgotha but in his act of contrition and by our Lord’s prayer from the Cross, he ended up right in the middle of the heart of Jesus.


When we have great devotion to the Passion we learn better that through the Sacrifice of His Cross the darkness is overcome.


By adhering to the crucified Jesus, our love and faithfulness increases. By adhering to the disfigured and crushed image of Jesus, equally we see His glorified face. With Him, we unite our wounded hearts and allow Him to reign. Indeed, the Lord reigns over the Universe and reigns from the Cross. The Cross of Christ is our stronghold as it conceives in us the joy of the Resurrection. We experience that miracle at every single Holy Mass as there we mysteriously take part in the events of Calvary. At every single Mass, the Sacrificial Offering of Jesus is made and the fruits, the Holy Body and Blood of the Lord, are given to us.


We proclaim His death and resurrection to the world

Fr Stan


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