On healing value of the hunger for God

We believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. However, when we look at the most visible side, at everything that is marked by human conditions, we do not have enough living saints so we do not have a healthy Church. If God is placed only as the background of the praise, liturgy, morality, charity, the drama of an individual comes into the foreground replacing the priority for God. Hence the crisis begins.  

There are people who attempt to bring back God to the fore. They teach the meaning of things. However, as they do not love God and neighbour enough, as they do not pray or pray very little, they are like a bridegroom who organises the wedding reception but forgets to declare his feelings to his fiancee.

Where is the answer, then? Everything is possible to be reversed if only we search and embrace God’s Will.  We are then transparent like Our Lady, for instance at the moment of the Annunciation. In this light we are able to see the role of the hunger for God and its healing value. It entails deeper understanding with the aim of fixing an unhealthy situation in our families, in the neighbourhood, in communities, in the parish, in the diocese, in the country, in the world, etc. which must be based on prayer, on loving attention, on patience, and in active belief in God’s Providence. God indeed is in charge of everything, even of the mess made by His children. All our attempts to deal with problems around us, which do not acknowledge that God fixes, heals and casts out the power of evil spirits, are a form of ingratitude and arrogance; hence these actions do not help. 

Additionally, as we grow in sanctification, we will find ourselves experiencing that we are also far away from God. This truth punctures our hearts. It is a torture to observe that the Love is not loved and yet we take part in the story of not loving Him. Knowing the pain of the chasm between our soul and God brings to the soul a deep desire for God; this puncture brings the healing hunger for God; it makes in us a channel in which God’s grace comes and it fills us. We only need to love God and people in the midst of the mess around. God is the one who fixes the world. 

Fr Stan.

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