May the Easter Alleluia resonate in our hearts

There are those whose hearts are separated from the rest of them.

They are filled with bitterness and emptiness,

pain, rejection and darkness;

deprivation and hunger;

disease, war and violence.

There are those whose hearts are buried in them.


May the emptiness of the tomb of Jesus open them up to the faith.

May the emptiness of their hearts call them to the faith.

May the Joy of the Risen resonate in them.


Christ is risen in this world!

Mary Magdalene saw Him alive.

Peter and others touched His wounds in the Upper Room.

The disciples met Him in Galilee.


May the Easter Alleluia resonate.

Let it exult throughout the universe.

May it stream forth like the sun’s rays in springtime.

May it cause the dormant buds of our souls to blossom.

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