Mary’s guidance before the coming of Christ.

Christ is the Fullness of the Revelation, the Law, the Truth and the Love revealed in the Old and New Covenants. He founded the Church, His Mystical Body, which means that the Catholic Faith is not of human origin, it does not come from people. As St Cyprian confirms for us, the Catholic Church is alone in keeping the true worship. St Newman confesses: “I did not distinctly believe in the jus divinum of the Holy See till I joined the Church. I then believed in it as I believed in any other doctrine of the Church, because she was the Church, the oracle of Christ.” (Letters and Diaries, Vol. XX).

And yet we find the Church in crisis, many accuse her and leave her, and in addition they say she is equally embodied in they themselves. Many destroy her from within so that her credibility is destabilised in many members; Her visibility is under a question mark. Some of her shepherds are focused on themselves or they act as if they were not interested in salvation but in organising the social, exclusively fraternal element of our life. There are shepherds who set up something that looks like the Church but it is not She. Many are led astray and fall into the heresy of irenicism. Many are not aware that without the whole and uncorrupted teachings of Christ, without one law of belief, and one Faith of Christians, there would be neither unity in the Church, nor true charity.

 In the light of much division and confusion we cry out together with the disciples: “Master, do you not care? We are lost!” (Mark 4:38). We cry out in alarm, as if we have been tossed about by huge waves on the Lake Genezareth of our time. We try to wake up Jesus, who seems to be sleeping in the boat. 

We know from the biblical scene that the Lord is coming soon. But now, at this stage, let us find ourselves in the Heart of Immaculate Mary, and do whatever She tells us to do (John 2:5), even if it seems to us as a “Mission Impossible”, or if it seems in our view to be without much sense. It is better not to focus on other things, but on Mary and her will, on the reciprocal love between the Virgin Mother and her Divine Son.

Fr Stan

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