“Little girl, I tell you to get up”

God’s love for you and me is beyond human prudence and foresight; beyond our grasp. Even our imagination is limited. If we knew how much He loves us, we would be amazed; we would cry for joy; we would be shocked. Jesus encourages us and assists us in a similar way as he did towards the daughter of one of the officials: “Little girl, I tell you to get up.” He calls ever so often: “… come down. Hurry, because I must stay at your house today.” At this stage stop thinking of what you have done wrong. Just allow Jesus to act. Allow Him to act in your soul. Come to Him who waits for you in the sacraments, especially in the Eucharist. (Do not forget about the good Holy Confession, though).

God’s love means He waits for us and he is searching us. If we had faith in His love, we would see His desire to come into our hearts; we would see His longing for us to receive Holy Communion. In Holy Communion we do not receive Him as much as He receives us. As a consequence of the faith in His love, we would allow God to love us and to take care of our paralysed, materialistic or even dead souls, till the point of our transformation, so that we live life according to God’s Will and not according to other patterns; we would know that the Holy Mass is not a human action but God’s. At the end of the day, the desire for the Eucharist would awaken within us a painful yearning for His coming. 

By believing in Christ’s love and becoming open to Him, we become open to the Divine Love. We also allow Jesus to love not only ourselves, but also others through us. 
We can give Christ to others to the extent that we accept Him, and to the extent that we allow Him to encompass us.
Fr Stan

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