Light to enlighten the nations

Last Sunday, in the Presentation of the Lord, we looked at the Light to enlighten the nations. The world of today, desperately, needs light – the light of closeness and deep relationship. This is the light of love. The light of sense and meaning of life is the light of hope; The light of a reality which surpasses our daily cares and joys is the light of faith. Can this light be found by the people of today? Where?
Our Catholic answer is clear: in the Word of God, in the Gospel. But will today’s people find it? Will they search for it?
Will those who are in need of the light of real life read the Gospel? I am afraid they may not. Will they listen to the Gospel if you advised them to ? Will they stop if they hear a preacher in the street? Will they open if there is knock at their door? Who knows? Many would not !

So, our Lord has another idea, a more efficient, more powerful one: you are the light of the world. Hard to believe! Jesus called Himself the light of the world. This is understandable. But for me, for us? Yes. This is what He is telling us today. Those who will never be willing to come to church, to pray, to read or listen to the Gospel are not deprived of their chance to see the light. They are supposed to meet Christians, to observe and experience the reality of new life present in us, to believe that there is hope, and that love is possible in this world. Then, they will believe that the Father in heaven is more real, than they presumed.
Be careful! Jesus is not saying You must be the light! or Be the light! He is saying: you ARE one. People observe you and somewhere deep in their minds, a thought may (should) arise: Something special is at work in this person ! Where do they get it from…? Something special must be in the Church.
The secret power of ours is, clearly, shown to us, today in the salt of crucified Christ. We are privileged to receive this Salt – the crucified and risen Lord – in the sacrament of His Body and Blood.

Fr Chris Jarosz OCD 

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