Justice: Equality or inequality? (on God’s touch)

Sometimes God’s touch uncovers disorder in a logical mind.
Just a gesture and we are stuck.
We are lost like those hard working in the vineyard.
Only grateful at the beginning. 
At the end, God is on trial. 
Righteous indignation is stronger than divinity.
Jesus – a glutton and a drunkard, 
Saint John the Baptist – possessed,
Saint Peter – a coward and a sinner, 
The Church – a mother of harlots and of the filth of the earth,
Others – the mob that knows nothing,
And we – miserable as unfulfilled. 
Sometimes the same touch brings order to our logical mind.
Just a gesture and we are surprised.
 A window is open. All hustles disappear. 
Jesus is the Lord, 
Saint John the Baptist – the greatest prophet, 
Saint Peter – the rock, 
The Church – the channel of grace,
Others – possible friends  
And we – amazed with the generosity of God.
And laughter when we
watch again, the same comedy
of a man in the corner with a long face
  And opposite God with a human heart.  

Fr Stan 

Categories: Reflections