Jesus amongst us

When the disciples were establishing the pecking order
When religious and laity were building the golden calf
When the older son was unhappy before and after
When the younger son was escaping from everywhere
When Nicodemus was sitting on the fence
When Herod was afraid of everybody
When the Samaritan Woman was at Jacob’s well
             always in the hottest time of the day
When the paralytic was lost amongst five porticos again
When Barabbas was on death row waiting for his time
When women were in rehearsal for the VIII station
When Judas was in need of 30 pieces of silver
When Peter, James and John denied to stay one hour for prayer  
When Pilate was washing his hands of all
When Zacchaeus was counting money
When Mary Magdalene was counting clients
When the wealthy young man was counting merits
When you and I were counting up stones
Jesus was writing in the sand
Fr Stan

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