How great Thou art! – Thank You Jesus!

What happens when we attribute to ourselves what is God’s gift? 
Then there is no gratitude and there is no worship of God. When there is no gratitude and worship of God we are at the beginning of big further problems as we do not see how great Thou art. It is not only that gratitude belongs to good manners and etiquette but reaches the depths of our soul. It reaches the heart of our being: gratitude and worship make us grow in Father’s grace through Jesus Christ our Lord in the community of Holy Spirit. Our souls truly breath the fresh air of God’s Presence.
Although God has no need of our praise and our prayer of thanksgiving adds nothing to His greatness, if we are not grateful our path to holiness is very much affected and we change our focus on everything else and we are exposed to all sorts of paganism and self-indulgence. On that base in our souls produce rotten fruits such as greed, jealousy, bitterness and even immoral acts. 

There is connection between gratitude and worship in a way that gratitude opens our hearts for generosity and drawing more and more God’s graces. Moreover, gratitude enables us to worship the True God. Praise and worship in its core opens us to take part in the Sacrifice of the Son to the Father to the point of Holy Communion, it is then transforming the moment of our self into a sacrificial gift. In that Liturgical dynamism we learn that we cannot find ourselves unless we make out of ourselves a sacrificial gift – in full unity with Christ the Lord, through whom, in whom and with whom we have access to all heavenly graces.
God is generous! Under the Cross He also gave us His Mother so that She takes care of us, and She does, indeed!. How great Thou art!
Fr Stan

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