Good shepherd amongst us

All of us, the members of the Church, were born to the faith in the calling of Christ: ‘follow me’. We live in His voice and are nourished by His flesh.  In this way we belong to His creative vision of life, which illuminates and brightens what is good in the world and contradicts what is covered by the dust of the light pollution of unhealthy visions. In Him we have life to the full and everything, the whole complexity of life, starts making sense for us. Simplicity comes forth and the joy of life reaches its unknown dimension. He, out of love, is very caring for us and He has given us Himself and appointed apostles to bring His life to you and me. In His generosity He gave us priests so that He Himself can be accessible and touchable in their ministry of bringing Him and healing.  Through them He comes to us visibly in His flesh and reconciles us with the Father; leads us, protects us, teaches us, offers Himself for us and serves us in their ministry and other areas of their lives. In Jeremiah we read: “I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding” (Jer 3:15). “I will appoint responsible shepherds who will care for them, and they will never be afraid again. Not a single one will be lost or missing. I, the LORD, have spoken!” (Jer 23:4). The shocking message is that in His love and generosity He decided to be dependent on the hearts of priests who in their lives represent or misrepresent Him; who uncover His presence or who focus all attention on themselves (or on worldly values), who build the Church or who hurt or even damage Her.


Let us pray then for our pope, cardinals, bishops and priests so that they are formed according to the heart of the Lord. Let us pray for vocations to priesthood.

Fr Stan


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