Gaudete Sunday—Rejoice, Christ is coming very soon 

In order to celebrate Christmas well, we are asked to reflect what does bring joy into our hearts.


Is it a promotion by our employer? A career? Is it good news from doctors about our of someone’s  health? Is it a material status and the most updated IT products? A test or an exam successfully passed? Is it about excitement regarding plans for holiday? A girl or boy-friend and dreams about mutual future? Is it about our family? Giving and receiving? Forgiveness? Family Christmas dinner? Is it a friend and all the surprises in that relationship? Is it something more hidden and yet fundamental – stability in God who enlightens everything what has been mentioned above?


The Church invites us to find the Lord first and foremost and everything else will be granted to us. Joyfulness will come out from our intimate relationship with Him, regardless of the challenging circumstances and the lack of some of our dreamed things.


We can see how does it work in Mary, Our Lady. In the Magnificat She prays that Her soul magnifies God and exalts in Him. The same attitude we find in John the Baptist who passionately tells us that he is not the Messiah or a prophet. He says that he is only a voice crying in the desert; that he comes to prepare and lead a way for the one who is coming after – Jesus. The mission of being a voice only, the discovered vocation, brings John great unspeakable joy.

Father Stan


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