Gaudete Sunday- Joy as one of the fruits of God’s Loving Presence 

If we were hungry for God,
we would not have a problem understanding what Advent is about.
If we lost God,
we would appreciate him more.
If we found God,
we would never allow Him to be lost amongst many things.
If we knew that forgiveness and reconciliation is possible,
we would sacrifice ourselves for the sake of Jesus’ peace.
If we witnessed how God’s message works in hearts,
we would never leave Holy Scripture on a shelf.
If we saw how much we benefit from little gestures of daily charity,
we would smile and offer a hand to everyone.
If we knew how much flavour our openness brings to the community,
we would remain open even to our difficult neighbours.
If we knew how much depends on the room we make for others,
we would enjoy every moment when we are unnoticed, unseen, not welcomed.
If we experienced the gentleness of the Almighty,
we would never have a problem with confession.
If we were touched by the living God,
we would not be able to live without Holy Communion and Adoration.
If we understood how much we are loved by God,
we would be overwhelmed by joy.
Fr Stan

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