Encounter (meditation on our parish – OLOP & Bl Dominic Barberi)

Open your heart and listen to the Annunciation:

You are loved by God! The Archangel Gabriel has just come to meet you.

Do not be afraid that you are wounded and not worthy:

Archangel Raphael has just come to heal you.

You are worried – do not be afraid:

Archangel Michael is here to protect you.

Open your heart and listen to the Annunciation.

You are in the hollow of Our Lady’s mantle.

You are hidden in the crossing of her arms.

She is the Mother of your Peace.

Blessed Dominic will also come, if you wish.

He will come to encourage you to keep going.

He will come with his kind and tender love towards others;

He is especially good in loving enemies.

His spontaneous and simple childlike attitude towards you will bring serenity of Christ.

You are in the Church,

in the Holy Gathering of Pilgrims.

Here you find those who learn to love Christ;

They follow in their own speed crossing our paths.

Hence we find hurts and forgiveness,

confession and worship of God

while building the spiritual building.

Whenever you help another you become a tool in God’s hands.

Whenever you work with a priest,

you help him to be your priest and shepherd,

your spiritual father.

Have a look. The shape of our church is like a tent.

Does the shape of the building say anything to us?

Do we not like looking at a simple cross on the roof

in the mornings and sunsets?

The Church: Our Father’s House! How many tears and joys are already hidden in the walls of this building? How many goodbyes and welcomes?

Inside the church there is another Tent. The Tent of Meeting, The Holy of Holiest. The Tabernacle. The Presence which invites us and gives us life. Being inside in the church we know that we are not alone with our sins. God the Father waits for us in prayer and confession.

Come. Whenever you listen to God,

you become attentive and understanding.

Whenever you learn how to live God’s will,

your soul finds balance and home.

Whenever you receive Holy Communion with an open heart,

Christ begins to permeate your soul.

Whenever you adore the Blessed Sacrament with faith,

your heart starts burning within you.

You are loved and chosen by God. Come to meet Him.

Whenever you make the sign of the Cross

and reflect on the Passion,

you cannot live without washing the feet

of the other – you are compassionate.

Outreach. Outreach and service.


His love is enough to raise you up.

His presence heals every corner of your emptiness.

~ Fr Stan, Earley, 17 June 2017

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