One could say that the summer Word of God guides us through the most important elements of the Christian life. It shows what we should not forget about as we tramp our holiday routes, as we rest and take up some activities different than outside holidays. After being totally for the benefit of another human being, after prayer and our relation to God, the next topic, which today’s Sunday readings show us, concerns the value of the earthly realities – life, work, property, etc. – and the Christian’s attitudes towards them. Of course, it’s not about having nothing. No. Also, the wealth is a sign of God’s blessing. But the point is, how we treat what we have, how we got it and how we use it. Jesus in today’s Gospel draws attention to the essence of greed, which is fear for myself. Greed is a sign of a lack of trust in God, and also is a negation of my relationship to another human being. Greed gathers only for me and it does not matter if it is only about money, or maybe about time, about love, about a good word, about attention, about forgiveness… Greed takes it all from God and from our brothers and sisters and gives it only to me. On our holiday roads we will meet many people, including our loved ones, to whom it’s worth, and we have to do this, to take our time and to give them a piece of ourselves. In order not to have at the end of the holidays, but also at the end of life, this intense feeling that I have wasted something. Oh, fool me…

Fr Marcin

Categories: Reflections