Christianity is religion of love 

Many of us are weary, burdened, wounded and unhealthily attached to various things and people. Some of us keep hidden our unhealed areas. God knows about our problems. For that reason He wants to redeem us, also by entrusting us to one another. Because in this life people often add more problems or stir them up, Christ desires that his followers should discipline themselves by not adding burdens to another. He wants them to bring sweetness of heaven to others by taking part in the life of others in a very unique, gentle and subtle way. 

Firstly, Christ desires us not to make any mess in another’s heart. He does not want us to commit mortal sins or cause others to commit them. We must never make others feel little or stupid, less important or less valued. Christ does not want us to reject or use our neighbours.

Secondly, the Lord wants us to help them in taking from them their unnecessary problems. Next, He asks us to carry with them their burdens. He knows that being together under the same yoke, things are lighter and sweeter. Thirdly, we are to assist people in building in them nobility of their lives. It happen when we accept our cross. Finally, once we forgive those who reject us and hurt us, we in a sense carry also their crosses instead of them. Christ who destroyed hostility in his flesh enables us to carry His mortification in our body so that also in our bodies his life may be made manifest 
(2 Cor 4:10). This is love. 
Fr Stan

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