Christ the King of the Universe 

At this very moment of the history of salvation, Christ rules the world from the throne, which is called Calvary or the Most Holy Eucharist. In our life we learn that Calvary is present to us when the Mass is celebrated. Christ Crucified comes into our hearts and there He transforms and rules the world. He rules the universe in us, with us, and through us when we open our hearts and share in his crucifixion at Mass. During the Eucharist we are invited to co-rule the world with the Lord in union with the crucified One.


At the general audience on Wednesday 21 November 2017, Pope Francis reminded us, that when we enter the church for Mass, we should say to ourselves: “I enter Calvary, where Jesus gives His life for me” “When we go to Mass, it is the same as if we go to Calvary,” “Imagine that you are actually at Calvary” – he continued – “In that moment, you would look up and know that the man upon the cross is Jesus. Would you even think to chatter or take pictures? “No, because Jesus is there!” On the contrary, we should respond to the Holy Mass actively, which means “in silence, in weeping,” and with joy as we have been saved from death and sin. In this way, we are in communion (union with) our Saviour who is exalted above the earth. It happens at each Mass: Christ hanging on the Cross is pronounced as the King of the Jews, King of the Universe! Mass is the Eucharist, Thanksgiving as God reigns! Our God reigns at His Passion and death on the Cross open to us during each Holy Mass. This is then the ultimate victory over death. There, He transformed his death “into the supreme act of love.”


We are in union with the King Jesus Christ while receiving His Precious Body and Blood. In this way, we are empowered to love and forgive, including loving our enemies. Indeed, during Holy Mass, at the moment of consecration and communion the Lord Jesus, as Pope Francis says, “pours upon us all His mercy and love, as He did on the cross, so as to renew our heart, our existence, and our way of communicating with Him and with our brothers.”

Fr. Stan


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