Christ is the Light brought to us by Mary

When heaven was seen as fuzzy and unreal,
when God seemed to remain silent or absent,
Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the Temple,
And offered Him to the Father with generosity and gratitude.
When the Phanuel’s daughter suffering and fasting was under question,
Christ was her Joy and Light as she saw the redemption.
When his identity was getting questioned and homeland unknown,
Simeon took Him in his arms and praised God.
In the shadows of the present age,
Christ is the Light we see.
In the blindness of ignorance and confusion,
Christ is the Light by which we see.
In the darkness of sorrow and rejection,
Christ is the Light with Whom we see.
In the black holes of the lost meaning of life
Christ is the Light through Whom we see.

Fr Stan

Categories: Reflections