Christ is the King of the Universe

We belong to the vision of the world presented to us by Christ. In this vision we find our home. He makes us rooted in the Father and yet remain in the world. He brings stability and integrity to our hearts. He heals the deep wounds of our souls. In Him all the bleeding areas of every corner of our bodies are given new light, new purpose, and new mission. His divinity and humanity speaks to us, embraces us and covers us. His divinity and humanity comes through our being and transforms us. He is our fortress and our yeast – He mold us and make us rise. He is the King of the Universe and everything is submitted to Him.
As we belong to the Christ’s vision of life, astoundingly we are given the ‘identity card’ of Heaven. We treasure it as something extraordinary and we fight to prevent the image of Christ the King in our hearts (look at John 18:36). We are His and we are hungry to listen to His voice. It is amazing that the kingdom of God has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it. (Mt 11:12). Who are they? They are those who understand that the ‘identity card’ needs activating. There are those who are rescued by the Holy Blood of Christ. There are those who remember that we need others to receive the citizenship of Christ’s Kingdom. They are those who remember that their time might be shorter than others. Generally speaking, all of us are in need to see that life is too short to create conflicts. Life is too short to focus on moments when we are hurt or unnoticed, humiliated or forgotten. Our life is too short to complicate somebody else’s life. It is limited to approximately just 30,000 days before eternity.-
Fr Stan

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