Caesar or Christ?

Which one of these two
is the gardener of our lives?
Which one does bring joy, hope and prospect?
Which one does restrain Hades?
Which one does sustain everything?

Both of them?
One of them?
None of them?

Which one of these two
has the power to permeate our lives
to enter into our privacy
and to modify our behaviour?

Why might they have such power?

Is it because of our lack of energy of the soul?
What if my soul is fine and my energy and stability are perfect?
Then what do they do … Christ and Caesar?

Which one of these two
is harmless and easy for me to control?
Which one of these two does control what I do,
does work on the reform of thoughts,
on softly coercive persuasion
and portrays an illusion of freedom?
Which one of these
is a parasite growing in my very own soul?

Caesar ?

To what extent do our doubtful thoughts
become an integral part of our discernment ?
To what extent do they create confusion?

It was the time when the wise Joseph was troubled
as he looked upon Mary
and suspected her,
she who is the blameless one…
So confusion and doubt can lead nowhere.

To what extent and how often do we need to discern between Caesar and Christ?
How much does our being depend on the toss of a coin?
How much does it depend on the spirituality of events and the grace of the Body of Christ ?

Fr. Stan

Categories: Reflections