When we go on holidays, we carefully secure our property. We lock the house, turn on the alarm, put valuable items in safes or banks. And we leave… But the householder does not know at what hour the burglar would come … Our house is not only a flat, a place of work or rest. It is not only the material goods we have accumulated. Our house is also our personality, family and nation, our faith and the Church, as well as rich history and traditions. Everything that is our treasure, where there is our heart. That is why maybe the summer time should be a time of special vigilance and readiness for us – not to lose our heart and what is important in our lives. We are still surrounded by those who would like to steal what is the most valuable to us. Recently, we talked about time, commitment, dedication to another person. Let’s look around us – how many are those who are stealing and wasting our time, our trust, our goodness or our love. So we must be constantly ready to defend in our daily life what is the most important: our principles, our faith and our families. But we also have to be constantly ready to see it all around us and to develop it all, that what we have the most precious and what we can give to other people.

Fr Marcin

Categories: Reflections