Baptism of the Lord  

The great joy of the Christmas Celebrations has been flowing through the Epiphany to the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, where it has reached its fulfilment.


Here, at the bank of the River Jordan, the Only Begotten (not Created) Son of God joined those sinners who asked for the gift of conversion, seeking God and His Commandments.


Here, we find Jesus Christ, the Lord, who expressed God’s closeness to all the sinners seeking conversion and belonging to God and His vision of life.


Here, Jesus showed his solidarity with them, but also with all of us, who put all our efforts into beridding ourselves of our selfishness.


Here, we approach with the desire that the Lord would drag “an old person” out of us and prepare us to do His deeds by putting on us “a new person”, created according to the model of God, in His righteousness and holiness based on Truth.


Here, we come with the desire for our transformation into the image of Christ Himself.


Fr Stan


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