Advent is a time of waiting in joyful hope for Christ and in this light, a time of getting ready for Christmas, as well as a time to get ready for the Last Judgement. The common denominator of all of these is Jesus Christ the Lord, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, one in being with the Father. Through Him all things were made.

In Advent, we focus strongly on Christianity as a religion of longing for another world to come. The life of each Christian is marked by waiting for the coming of Christ – the Pantocrator, the Almighty, the All-powerful, the Ruler of All, the Sustainer of the World. In this light, Advent is the time of awakening in us to faith. This Awakening is understood as adhering to Christ, with the attribute of an ongoing desire for God and the readiness to move on. The certitude of another beautiful world means that Advent is understood to be a joyful season. It is the joy of faith! It is the joy of Christ coming in glory! It is the joy of touching in faith a different world, which is somewhere here, its light burning right next to us – in the Most Holy Mass.

The role of Advent is to make us focus on Christ to reflect this, our churches use violet, there is no flower arrangement, no Gloria and music is different. Everything in us and around us is waiting for Christmas Vigil.
Fr. Stan

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