Contacts - Parish Database

We are a big parish, with many parishioners from much of the surrounding areas and so we maintain a parish database. Its a voluntary thing and it helps us greatly with many administration matters.

If you are happy for us to keep your details on our computer based parish database, we just ask if you would be kind enough to download and complete the Registration Form and either post it to us or hand it in to the Parish Office.

Someone will need to fill in the main details and sign on behalf of themselves and the rest of the family (if applicable). You are signing to agree that we can hold your contact details on our computer system. We must ask for your consent to do this under the data protection act.

The person who signs, will then become the main point of contact for the family or just for themselves in the case of single people.

The online form below is for people with existing registration entries only, so that they can easily update the Parish with regards to detail changes.
Please do not use the form below for initial registration as we need your signature.

If more than below has changed, then its probably best to fill in a completely new registration form and re-submit it to the Parish Office - Thank You.

Family Name:

First Name:

Old Phone No:

New Phone No:

Old email:

New email:

New Address:

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