Our Location

338, Wokingham Road, Earley, Reading, RG6 7DA

You can find our church in Earley, Reading. Its located at the crossroads, where the main Reading/Wokingham road meets Church road/Wilderness road. The parish covers quite a large area...all of Earley, Lower Earley and part of Winnersh...and this is just the official boundary. It is a growing parish... a wonderful blessing in these times.

Our position at the Earley crossroads makes us a meeting place for people coming from 'all directions'. A Catholic Parish, a Universal Centre! It is indeed a place enriched by people from near and far.

We are part of Reading Pastoral Area on the South side of Reading which in turn is part of the Diocese of Portsmouth, which is a large Diocese in the South of England.

In his document 'A Church for the 21st Century', Bishop Crispian outlined his vision and direction for the Diocese: "Our vision and hope - is of ourselves as the gathered community of the disciples of the Lord, united in Baptism and bonded together by Christ in the Eucharist."

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