Parish Liturgy Group

What is the OLOP Liturgy Group and what does it do?

  • The Liturgy Group is a gathering of the parish priest and parishioners who meet to discuss aspects of liturgy and to plan ahead.
  • The Group includes readers, Eucharistic Ministers and those involved in music.
  • The Group is open to anyone in the parish, even if they would only like to come for one occasion when the discussion is about an area that interests them.
  • The Group aims to consider and plan liturgical celebrations in order to promote the holiness of all parishioners.
  • In order to do this, the Group supports and co-ordinates with other groups in the parish.
  • The Group considers what needs to be planned to ensure the parish services encourage full and active participation of the faithful.
  • The Group meets regularly throughout the year.
As a guide to all things liturgical, the two books ‘General Instruction of the Roman Missal’ and ‘Celebrating the Mass’ are the Liturgy Group’s reference documents

Group meetings begin with a prayer for guidance; followed by a reading of the Gospel from the next Sunday. The meeting agenda normally consists of three or possibly four subjects to be discussed. Actions are agreed and shared within the Group and a date for the next meeting is set. The meeting is concluded with a prayer.

The Aims of the Liturgy Group?
The aims of the Liturgy Group are:

  • To make Liturgy more easily understood by all parishioners.
  • To encourage the public worship of God in a way that promotes the holiness of all our parishioners.
  • To ensure that the correct liturgical practices are in place for all our Masses.
  • To encourage more parishioners to become involved in parish liturgy.
  • To be the ‘umbrella group’ that ensures plans and planning for the major events in the liturgical calendar (eg. Advent, Easter) are in place.
  • To compile a folder that describes the activities and aims of all the various parish groups; so that parishioners and visitors can share in, and have a better understanding of the way in which our parish works. You are reading the folder now.
In support of their aims, the Liturgy Group may:

  • Support and co-ordinate with other parish groups.
  • Take responsibility for the ‘Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion’ in the absence of a priest.
  • To ensure that the correct liturgical practices are in place for all our Masses.
  • Consider and plan any liturgical ideas/changes e.g.. Gospel reading, Evening Prayer & Benediction, Teaching Mass etc.
For more information of what is involved in a Parish Liturgy Group please read Liturgy Group Guidelines which the Diocese has kindly provided us.
The Parish Liturgy Group have also produced a document on Catholic Teaching
and another on Our Parish.

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