Parish Groups - Journey in Faith

The aim of this program is to support you, in your spiritual journey, towards adult baptism and or full confirmation. We will provide religious knowledge and information in line with Catholic teachings plus our personal support in your journey, based on our own practical experience.

The journey is for any person who is a 'non-Catholic', who is interested in the Church and they would like to find out more. This is a way to 'test the water' and possibly discover yourself.

Or maybe your a Catholic who would like to increase your awareness or even ask and discuss possible aspects of faith and belief. This is something that came out of the 'Growing together in Christ' sessions. So, maybe now is the time to explore and deepen your faith.

If your interested, please contact the Parish Office to find out more.

It is a course that is very gentle in its approach both the course and the people are there to support you and journey with you. After these initial meetings, it will be entirely up to the individuals if they take things any further. There is no pressure.

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