Parish Finances

Clare Roper acts a 'keeper of the books' and is also the parish 'Gift Aid' organiser.

The 'Gift Aid' scheme allows parishioners to make their financial contributions either by using a planned giving envelopes or by bankers order. The benefit to the parish is that the Inland Revenue refunds the basic rate of tax, for every 1.00p donated.

If you would like more details of this scheme, please contact Clare or complete a form, available from the parish office. Registered Charity No. 246871

Download the Bankers Order ... Here

Download the Gift Aid Form ... Here

It takes a lot to maintain and run a parish, especially one as large as ours, your donations and especially those with the added agreement as Gift Aid, all go to make a big difference.

In addition there are Second Collections for various good causes throughout the year. Easter and Christmas collections are our personal offerings to our Parish priest. Thank You.

Whatever you can afford to give, notes or coins, all goes to help in the running of our parish.

Thank You Once Again.

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