Sacrament of Baptism

From the beginning of time people have been initiated into groups through purifications and baptisms. Baptism in the church is part of the threefold Rite of Initiation, along with the Eucharist and Confirmation. Baptism marks the beginning of being a Christian, it is a commitment to Christ. Baptism provides us with a faith identity and welcomes us into a community of believers and it is membership into this community of believers you are asking for either yourself or your child.

Vatican II called for a shift in emphasis in the way we looked on Baptism and the involvement it called for from the parents. Baptism calls you as a family to be part of a community. It calls you to actively participate in the life of a specific parish and through it the sister parishes in the lager pastoral area and the Catholic Church worldwide. Looked at in this way it provides a great challenge to both parents and parish.

It challenges you as parents to reflect on what your own membership of the community means. Is your presence felt within the community? What do you expect the community to offer your child? What are you willing to give? You will undertake responsibility for the faith formation of your child - have you thought of a response to this?

The challenge of the parish is just as great. How do we, the faith community welcome you and your child? How do we support, encourage and help you? How do we become involved?

The preparation for Baptism, therefore, cannot be rushed. You are expected to understand the serious responsibility you are assuming. The commitment you are making has to be thought through. Life in the church for you or your child begins at Baptism. In a sense your life too begins in a new way and now is the time to 'make time' and to reflect on this.

To help you we have preparation courses during the year which normally arranged when required by our parish and pastoral area. All those attending are asked to ensure that the Welcoming, Naming & First Anointing Ceremonies are booked for a Sunday Mass on a date to be fixed only on successful completion of the preparation sessions (at Mass time of parents' choice) The Baptism Ceremony can then be booked to take place as part of a Sunday Mass (time of parents' choice) on a date to be fixed, again, only on successful completion of the preparation sessions.

Concerning Godparents, the Church wishes that at least One Godparent is a Catholic although TWO is the more usual and preferable custom. All Godparents should be practicing Christians. In addition the Godparents are welcome to attend the preparation meetings with you.

To download an application for Baptism form Click here which should be returned on completion to the parish office.

We know you will enjoy the course and the opportunity to meet other parents like yourself.

Baptism, We pray will be a new beginning for us all - again - Congratulations!

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